What do you need to keep track of?

About us

We design, build and host database websites that help you keep track of what is important for your business. Our goal is to provide an easy to use internet based system that helps you manage your unique business needs.

For example, we have an on-line site that manages annuity sales that includes a complete customer database, easy to use sales entry screens and a reminder screen so your sales force will have all the tools they need to successfully sell your annuities, or any other product.


Working in the database world for over 20 years has exposed the core team at to a wide variety of skilled people, organizations, project design and implementations. We have worked with all kinds of businesses, large and small, and have experienced firsthand what works and what doesn't.

We believe in a virtual team approach in the design of our applications and in using the global reach of the internet to assign and coordinate the efforts of the highly skilled people that we have worked with on past projects.

Contact us

Please contact us to see the benefit of joining our growing list of satisfied clients or to request access to our demo site.


We have a full featured demo site that you can use to evaluate one of our web-based applications. Shown below are images of some of the screens in the demo site. Click on the image to view it full size.

  • pictureCustomer screen
  • pictureAdministration screen
  • pictureLocation screen

Clients and Projects

Designed a secure database-driven online solution which manages annuity sales for Asset Management Alliance, LLC. This site has easy to use customer, sales, reminders and administration screens that track all of AMA's sales for their sixteen Midwest sales offices.

Designed a private website for County Packaging, Inc. that allows their biggest supplier to access the current status of parts and material that flow County Packaging.

Our client websites are normally private and secured, so we don't provide access to them. Our demo site can be used to get a feel for what we can do.